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Lawful Interception System


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CYBERBIT provides cyber and intelligence solutions for government agencies as well as cyber security products to enterprises worldwide. 

The CYBERBIT intelligence portfolio covers a broad spectrum of communications and IT intelligence, enabling government agencies to track, monitor, and respond to potential and active threats. Our homeland security and lawful interception solutions include monitoring centers, open source and web intelligence systems, cyber and satellite interception as well as network, and off-the-air communications interception. 

Our intelligence IT systems provide sophisticated fusion and analysis of information from various sources enabling the generation of meaningful intelligence and insights. Our Cyber Security offering addresses the needs of enterprises, governments and critical infrastructures to identify and mitigate advanced cyber attacks (APTs).CYBERBIT’s IP and SCADA protection frameworks include detection and response systems, C4ISR systems cyber security, as well as cyber training and simulation. 

CYBERBIT is a world leader in cyber intelligence and defense. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ELBIT Systems, a NASDAQ-listed company.ELBIT Systems has a presence in dozens of countries worldwide and more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of end-to-end solutions. CYBERBIT products and services cover the full spectrum of organizations such as Financial Institutions, Utilities, Governments, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Intelligence and many more.


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