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Caldera Businnes Park, Building B
Via Caldera 21

20153 Milano


RCS is global leader in providing highly scalable, secure and comprehensive systems for lawful interception and digital surveillance to approved governments and agencies.

Collection, monitoring, analysis: in over 20 years of experience, always working side by side the Law Enforcements Agencies, RCS has got not only their trust, but even the skills to bespoke design solutions that meet present
requirements, emerging threats and a great attention to the real world scenarios.

From target to massive: RCS has the full intellectual property ownership of all its software and can adapt any solution to the complexities and the budget of government clients and design and develop products that are always up-to-date with the evolution of the communication technologies.

- Voice and IP probing
- Advanced IP decoding
- Tactical and strategic interception
- Unified monitoring platform (voice, IP, position, geo-location, analysis)
- Big Data intelligence analysis
- Social network data management
- Training and consultancy