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Heathcoat Fabrics are manufacturers of a wide range of advanced textiles. For military forces throughout the world, our unique textile solutions, specifically designed for arduous duty, are applied in a diverse range of military equipment, from overt and covert body armour, fragmentation vests, tactical load carrying vests, personnel load carrying equipment, flame retardant helmet linings and discreet combat clothing equipment; to aircraft deceleration parachutes, man-carrying parachutes; decoys and military vehicle seating.
Our extraordinarily durable military and home security textile solutions help to reduce moisture; alleviate heat stress; incorporate compression comfort; and can offer antibacterial performance. Signature reduction is a key strength; accommodating geographical colour demands, daylight camouflage and infrared suppression. Many of the specialist military textiles that we manufacture incorporate the latest microclimate and moisture management technology.
Our unique own-branded 3D spacer fabrics offer surface-design optimisation, variable compression and outstanding recovery values. Within our complete in-house manufacturing resource, we develop and produce one of the largest selections of specialist high quality military-approved textiles in the world.