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Stands :

L 195


27 avenue de Paris
78000 Versailles


GSSI provides since 1982, advanced solutions to state security covert units, SWAT teams and military Special Forces. GSSI’s offer ranges from concept engineering to field training, including supply of equipment, systems and system integration. GSSI area of expertise: Video and audio surveillance and counter surveillance equipment, Communication, audio accessories and encryption, Jamming, IMSI catcher and monitoring, Tracking devices,GSM / Iridium / DF, Electronic forensic, Smart convergence platforms, Lock smith.
New solutions displayed : UAV detection and neutralization system, Smart convergence platform, Encrypted mobile communication system, Captive aerostat surveillance,  LR illumination and designation system - Zero light video surveillance system, Advanced mesh extended communication network, Multi sensor and lenses detection platform


Present on the stand : TR EQUIPEMENT