MC2 Technologies presents its latest intelligent jamming and drone neutralization solutions

MC2 Technologies deploys unique expertise against drones and improvise explosive Devices (IEDs).

At the MILIPOL Paris 2023 exhibition, which takes place in Villepinte exhibition centre, from 14 to 17 November (from 9am to 5pm), the French group specialising in electronic warfare unveil its latest technological inno- vations on its stand 5P167 Hall5.

The range of drone détection (MERCAT system) and jamming solutions has been extended  to  include the neutralization of IEDs (SPART & BLAST systems) and the fight against drones 4G/5G (BLAST). MC2 Technologies is also presenting  developments  to its bestsellers range of anti-drones handguns and rifles (NEROD).

With its recent innovations, MC2 Technologies is staking its claim to become the specialist in electronic warfare. Created in 2004 by doctors in microelectronics and nanotechnology, Nicolas VELLAS and Christophe GAQUIÈRE, the company has proven track records in nanotechnology research and total mastery of its entire design and production chain: Its innovations applied to the needs of defence and internal security are 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in France, at Villeneuve-d’Ascq (Nord) unit.

Leading event for homeland security and safety, organized under the aegis of the French Ministry of Interior, MILIPOL exhibition brings together the leading companies in the security sector to showcase their latest innovations. The présence of MC2 Technologies

reflects the desire of the French Ministry of Interior to promote French expertise in the fight against terrorism and criminality. The company was chosen to meet the security needs of Paris 2024 olympic games thanks to its expertise in microwave research and its success in jamming drones. The latest microwave detection solutions and radio-controlled IEDs neutralization systems were successfully tested in challenging urban environments during the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France.

Dr Nicolas VELLAS, co-founder of MC2 Technologies:

« The market in which we operate is constantly evolving, requiring companies to be able to innovate and produce ever more rapidly, while guaranteeing the flawless reliability of their product systems. MC2 Technologies guarantees the requirements. »

Since 2017, MC2 has been a supplier to the French Ministry of Defense and the French Ministry of Interior, with jammer rifles, tactical jammers and « combat- proven » solutions. The northern France based com- pany has a strong international presence (80% of its sales) and is investing increasingly in Research and Development (20% of its sales). MC2 Technologies systems have been acclaimed by many demanding foreign users, such as Japan, Luxembourg and Ivory Coast. Supported by Andera Partners funds and BPI France, the company also has an entirely French shareholding.


Name: Mme Alice RIQUART

Tel: +33 (0) 6 75 88 75 24

Mail: ariquart@mc2-technologies.com

Website: www.mc2-technologies.com

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