IRIS - T1 Optical Covert Camera Detector

R&R Inteltech is pleased to announce the IRIS T1 optical covert camera detector. The IRIS T1 utilizes the latest technology with an all-new advanced proprietary design to offer an innovative, comprehensive, and professional optical covert camera detection solution.

The IRIS T1 features a perimeter light array with 30 red, green, and blue high intensity narrow focused LED lights, single and combined multiple LED colour selection, 4 search settings, 10 levels of variable LED light intensity, and two additional high intensity wide focused white LED lights. The IRIS T1 provides 14 modes of operation, in a compact, light weight, and highly efficient design. The kit also includes a smartphone camera adapter and comes complete with a custom Nanuk MIL-SPEC IP 67 hard shell case.

The IRIS T1 identifies hidden cameras by the reflection created from the camera lens which is seen through the high-quality binocular optics. The IRIS T1 has a detection range of up to 50 meters in various ambient lighting conditions. The IRIS T1 was designed to be the most compact and lightweight in its class and is the first to offer our perimeter light array, 30 LEDs, white LEDs, RGB rotation mode, and cellular phone camera adapter.

The IRIS T1 is charged via a USB charging port for convenient efficient charging and provides extended battery life of up to 10 hours or more depending on the operational settings selected.

The IRIS T1 was designed with years of field experience and input from professional operators, and is manufactured, and supported in Canada. R&R Inteltech company personnel offer extensive experience in TSCM, covert surveillance, related equipment, and training. Our customers include government, military, law enforcement, and security organizations world-wide.

For more information, or sales inquiries on the IRIS T1, please visit the R&R Inteltech web site at www.rrinteltech.com. or email us at info@rrinteltech.com

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