Sky-Hero: unified tactical indoor recon robots system

How a unified tactical indoor recon robots system, provides enhanced advantage to police and military special forces units via multi-feed real-time actionable intelligence

The indoor tactical reconnaissance robotics suite from SKY-HERO is undergoing a huge expansion in 2023, providing tactical operators with access to an easy-to-use, intelligent recon ecosystem that revolutionizes mission safety.

Since 2021, military, law enforcement, government, and security teams around the globe have been able to benefit from an innovative indoor tactical sUAV, the highly successful LokiMkII (aerial robot | drone) It has already adopted by more than 1,000 agencies across five continents, including 20 EU countries, 47 US states, 10 Canadian provinces.

Today, SKY-HERO enhances its suite, with a completely new unmanned vehicle the SigynMkI (ground robot | rover). In the form of a compact, throwable, tactical sUGV robot, it delivers superior ground scouting within complex and unsafe under-cover areas. And the Narfi MkI  (tactical camera head), an additional static camera that could mounted on a pole or simply glued on a wall in order to keep an additional eye on any potential incoming threat.

Typically deployed in GPS-denied, ultra-confined, indoor, and hostile environments, these three specialised unmanned devices are operated by the same controller in order to considerably improve assault tactics, operator safety, and the outcome of each recon mission. Additional non-lethal payloads will add complementary capabilities for effective threat response, further expanding the options available to the assault teams.

Operating in unison and controlled by a proprietary smart operating software, these tactical robot devices create the first-ever Unified Tactical Indoor Recon Robots System. The system provides urgently needed functionality for gathering critical information and precise situational awareness intel via highly maneuverable aerial (and now terrestrial) robots featuring sophisticated sensors and advanced algorithms.

Fully designed, tested, and constructed in Europe and the United States, in conjunction with the world’s top counter-terrorism units, SKY-HERO’s Unified Tactical Indoor Recon Robots System appears today as the ideal reconnaissance platform for intervention units. Irrespective of the indoor context type, it guarantees more safety and real-time data intelligence, direct from the field of operation.

« Our unwavering mission revolves around prioritizing safety and empowering first-responder teams with superior scouting and decision-making abilities. In a world where law enforcement faces rising risks and gun-related incidents, our cutting-edge technology shines as a beacon of hope. Together, we're spearheading a revolution in recon operations with the LOKI MkIII , ensuring each mission is not only safer but also contributes to de-escalation and a reduction in gun-related deaths », said Yves COPPYE, founder of SKY-HERO

Security and Defence teams already relying for more than 5 years on Loki drones for their daily scouting ops. The LokiMkII drone is a flying vector specially designed for indoor interventions. It boasts a camera with a wide field of view and is capable of delivering high-quality imagery both in broad daylight and in complete darkness.

One of the key strengths of this drone lies in its robust mechanical design, which enables it towithstand impacts and recover swiftly in the event of a fall. The ability to restart and take off again even after a crash is a crucial feature, ensuring that the LokiMkII can endure the rigors of demanding indoor missions. In addition to its impressive camera and mechanical resilience, the LOKI Mk2 is equipped with cutting-edge transmission technologies. These technologies eliminate any latency between the drone and the control station, ensuring that operators have real-time control over the drone's movements. This feature holds true regardless of the number of obstacles that may stand between the drone and the operator, making the LokiMkII an exceptional choice for indoor operations where precise and responsive control is essential.

  • Today, tactical operators can benefit from a genuinely new, additional, ground support robot and stand-alone perimetrical surveillance camera - based on similar advanced technologies and of course, bringing their share of unique operational advantages.

The new SigynMkI sUGV reconnaissance robot is a rugged, simple-to-use, throwable ground device, conceived to deliver terrestrial scouting support in difficult-to-access and hazardous places.

The purpose-built rover is made with aviation-grade carbon fiber and reinforced with polycarbonate frames for a rugged but lightweight build, allowing the operator to deploy the rover with a single-handed throw. It provides the operator with front and back wide-angle ultra-sensitive Day-Night camera, eight dimmable IR LEDs, and a payload connection system to execute complex tactical missions from a safe stand-off distance and under any light conditions. An embedded inertial motion sensor allows smart drive modes and automatic-selection of the forward-facing camera. It uses market-standard batteries, replaceable within 30 seconds. Quieter than a sUAV, it allows a more discreet approach to identify potential threats or unknown dangers.

The newly developed NarfiMkI is a core static camera acting as a search tool that specifically addresses the imperative needs of special forces to secure their immediate intervention environment to ensure effective, accurate deployment and minimize potential uncontrolled threats.

Designed for the darkest, most dangerous, and most remote tactical applications, NarfiMkI camera head features extremely low light sensitivity and automatically switches to IR mode for night vision, in addition to its wide 150° viewing angle. The camera is equipped with a swiveling and tilting plate that allows for easy transition from mounted on a foldable pole, to being simply glued directly to the surrounding structures.  This design offers additional adaptability trough extending the view above drop ceilings, behind immovable objects, around corners,… or maintaining a sight on a specific target.

Just like the LokiMkII,  the SigynMkI and the NarfiMkI  are operated via the , GCSMkII handheld controller, providing strong AES 256 encryption and diversified analog audio-video receptors which prohibit signal interception whilst also securing all vehicle, payload, and intelligence data. This small but rugged controller also allows a single operator to simultaneously control any 4-device combination of the Loki sUAS and/or Sigyn UGVs and/or Narfi Camera.


  • Additionally, a new Tactical Wrist Viewer is available, which allows other team members to choose between (and watch) any of the four device feeds, regardless of which device is currently being controlled. The new suite of payloads, from diversionary devices (sound and light) to sensors, expand further to support the SigynMkI and the Narfi MkIand, is also interchangeable between both unmanned vehicles and camera.


All those tactical components are seamlessly integrated into the SKY-HERO’s Unified Tactical Indoor Recon Robots System. They all benefit from our smart operating software infusing the entire tactical robots ecosystem with innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence.
This Operating system supports the operation of multiple SKY-HERO devices (sUAV/sUGV/Camera), sensors, payloads, data links, and other sub-systems via just one operator control station, which is capable of handling all those advanced operations at the same time by combining intelligence with high-performance and unrivaled capabilities.

Our in-house, custom software is the true and vital “central nervous system” of this unique Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robots system, orchestrating all the deployed aerial and terrestrial vehicles simultaneously, in order to enable the execution of high profile and time-sensitive missions by allowing operators to focus on the success of their mission.

Drawing upon a well-established history of success with the LokiMkII and a commitment to ongoing innovation with the SigynMkI and the NarfiMkI , SKY-HERO’s Unified Tactical Indoor Recon Robots System marks a pioneering leap forward designed specifically for special forces and tactical operators, establishing unprecedented benchmarks in the domain of scouting missions.

It introduces cutting-edge features, stringent security protocols, and a well-defined mission focus, all aimed at amplifying safety and operational efficiency in complex indoor and outdoor settings. This technology embodies the future of tactical reconnaissance, where sophisticated tools empower operators to execute missions with pinpoint accuracy and unwavering confidence, even in the most formidable environments. It signifies a crucial evolution in contemporary tactical operations, prioritizing the well-being and triumph of those responsible for our security.

SKY-HERO is a 10-year-old Belgian company of high-level engineers and professionals that uses its depth of robotic and unmanned vehicle expertise to equip law enforcement and security forces with the most appropriate system to answer their most pressing challenges. Today, thanks to all this combined expertise and knowledge, SKY-HERO asserts itself as the world-leading designer and manufacturer of a Unified Indoor Tactical Recon Robots System, consisting of innovative software and an extended range of high-end indoor unmanned robotic vehicles (sUAV/sUGV/Camera), dedicated to a wide range of tactical situations, radically improving operators’ scouting and decision-making capabilities.



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