PR Extrem'Vision - STS

Extrem' Vision and TR Equipment enable divers to move quickly and cover long distances

The STS (Speed Thrusters Swimmer), autonomous thigh thrusters, represents a significant advancement in the individual equipment for underwater operators

These thrusters have been cleverly designed by the two companies, combining their expertise and knowledge of the underwater world to provide an effective solution to meet both military and professional expectations. Offering unparalleled freedom of carry and movement, with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency, the STS enables users to cover long distances quickly, quietly, and efficiently while preserving their physical resources.

Visit Extrem’ Vision : STAND 5M158

Visit TR Equipement : STAND 5M143

About Extrem’ Vision

Extrem' Vision is a French SME based in Perpignan, founded in 1996. The company specializes in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of image capture and rugged lighting equipment for complex environments. Over the years, Extrem' Vision has become a reference for units due to its innovation, reliability, responsiveness, and precise response to field requirements. Whether producing standardized or custom equipment, the Extrem' Vision team listens and takes a comprehensive approach. To learn more about their activities, visit:

About TR Equipement

TR Equipment is a French SME established in 1997. TR Equipment's objective is to provide high-quality tactical products to all branches of the military, law enforcement, and government agencies. Since the company's inception, its leader's goal has been to prioritize service, reliability, and responsiveness to all its customers. From the very beginning, TR Equipment has assembled a team of passionate and competent specialists who are entirely attentive to customers, working closely with units to precisely assess their needs and anticipate developments in the tactical sector. To learn more about their activities, visit their website:


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