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Milipol Paris 2019: Fichet Group innovates for defense and homeland security

17 November 2019 - Fichet Group mobilizes its creativity and expertise to offer innovative solutions it will showcase at the forthcoming MILIPOL international exhibition (Paris, November 19-22, 2019). Contributing to defense and homeland security efficiency, Fichet solutions are designed to foster safer living for everyone in a world of multiple threats and everchanging risks.

French expertise in the service of protecting high-risks sites

Specializing in the supply of security equipment for banks, retail, services and industry, our company has developed a global approach to its solutions—from system design to long-term maintenance. Coupling certified equipment for passive protection to digital platforms optimizing operations, its offer is unique in terms of depth, scope and complementarity.

Security doors and partitions at the heart of safe buildings

Fichet is France’s leading manufacturer of security doors, windows and walls. Partnerships with state security – army, police and Gendarmerie services – have allowed our Group to design new products answering the diversity of threats and modes of operation.

Fichet solutions protect:

  • The outdoor periphery of sites to prevent any intrusion or attack with bullet-resistant walls, checkpoints and guard posts;
  • The access perimeter of buildings to protect staff and assets with security doors, windows, curtain walls, intercom reception, central security rooms;
  • The inside of buildings to impede the progress of intruders and oppose final obstacles with automated doors, airlocks and security doors protecting highly sensitive or confinement areas.

Curtain walls: effective protection coupled with lower energy consumption and architectural elegance
Fichet’s DarTek CW range of curtain walls is certified for bullet resistance up to the highest level of European standard EN 1522 and up to level CR4 for break-in resistance as per EN 1627. Blast resistance is now also available. These curtain walls offer a variety of colors for their profiles and glass infill options allowing for the creation of extensive facades complying with architectural constraints. Furthermore, they contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings.

Kalashnikov-resistant security doors: a new shield against terrorist attacks
This new range of armor-plated doors (with or without glass infills) is designed to offer both weapon-specific ballistic resilience and high levels of break-in resistance. Fichet’s aluminium doors thus answer the most stringent requirements to deliver adequate protection against a precisely identified risk.

Multi-resistance partitions to answer changing threats
Fichet has also developed a new range of security doors and partitions combining high levels of blast resistance (from industrial accidents to car bombs or suicide attacks) with equally high levels of bullet and break-in resistance.

Electronic security: creating continuum with the indispensable supplement to passive protection

As a reference provider in the field of electronic security systems integration, Fichet offers solutions for environment monitoring, early detection of suspicious activity and qualification of risk situations in order to allow operators to anticipate and react efficiently.
Widely acknowledged for their ergonomics, these sitesupervision solutions integrate CCTV, intrusion detection and access control systems to interact with all devices protecting your buildings.

Electronic systems under cyber-protection
Fichet is the first supplier in France ever to have secured ANSSI approval for its SMI Server physical access monitoring system. ANSSI approval guarantees the robustness and permanent reliability of this system; it also demonstrates Fichet’s commitment to comply with trust criteria defined by government authorities in the face of ever-growing cyberattacks targeting crucial IT systems.
Designed specifically for high-risk sites and Vital Importance Operators, SMI Server allows for real-time management of individuals accessing sites via permanent checks on the legitimacy of their presence in successive areas. Under supervision from a single platform monitoring operations, it ensures perfect traceability of all events and actions.

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About Fichet Group

Fichet Group is France’s leading supplier of equipment, services and IT-ecosystems dedicated to the security of private organizations and government institutions against all types of risks—from basic to extreme. 

Fichet designs gradual protection environments based on the complementarity of resources to protect the personnel, data and material assets of its clients.

Fichet Group operates in France (with 14 local branches and 2 production sites), Belgium and Luxembourg. It also exports internationally.

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Milipol Paris is organized under the patronage of the French Ministry of Interior.

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