White paper on International Homeland Security Issues

White Paper "International Homeland Security Issues"

This white paper sheds light on the political and geopolitical situation of countries around the world and their security strategy, but also their needs and the opportunities and areas of growth for businesses in the sector. Download it now!

The goal of this document involves taking international homeland security issues into account. Produced in consultation with the French Ministry of the Interior’s Directorate for International Security Cooperation and Business France (a public establishment dedicated to supporting French companies abroad and foreign companies in France) and S&D Magazine, it presents, in a condensed and practical form, the main information needed for getting to know partners who meet each other at the exhibition, and helps to answer the following questions:

  • how accessible are the key markets?
  • Is my product right for this market?
  • Do I have a competitive advantage?
  • Will my product live up to local expectations?
  • And above all, which market should I start with?