Milipol Innovation Awards winners

Milipol Innovation Awards Winners

Discover the 2017 Milipol Innovation Awards Winners! This competition was designed to reward the most innovative exhibitors in the following categories: Cybersecurity / Safe and Smart Cities / Individual Equipment, First Responder Protection / Drone & Anti-Drone Systems, Robotics / Crisis Management. 

Crisis management

Fire Suppression Systems, Milipol Innovation Awards 2017 finalists

FSS50 - First portable fire extinguishing charge
Booth 6 B 014

Description: FSS50 is the world's first portable fire extinguishing charge, with exceptional features: Neutralizes all class fire starts: A, B, C, E and F Autonomy: 50 seconds (one extinguisher of 9Kg has a duration = 26 seconds !!!) 27 cm, 220 gr and 3.5 cm Ø Unlimited lifetime Maintenance free and overhaul Eco-compatible, without residue CE conformity.


Brainchip SAS, Milipol Innovation Awards 2017 finalists
Brainchip Accelerator Hardware for Neuromorphic Computing
Booth 6 A 062


Description: Branchip introduces world's first commercial hardware acceleration of neuromorphic computing. The PCI-Express card implements spiking neural networks that actually work like the Brain. This represents a significant milestone in the development of neurocomputing and for the future of Artificial Intelligence. Along with BrainChip Studio software, the award winning New Product of the Year by Security Today Magazine in Video Analytics category,it learns from a single pattern  as small as 20x20 pixels and performs recognition in low-light, low-resolution, noisy environment, processing up to 16 videos channels simultaneously, helping intelligence organizations in massive image & video processing.

Drone & Anti-drone Systems, Robotics

HGH Infrared Systems, Milipol Innovation Awards 2017 finalists
V-LRF option for SPYNEL
Booth 6 G 218

Description: The V-LRF powerful innovation for HGH's Spynel-S and Spynel-X aims to facilitate the identification phase of any threat detected by Spynel's panoramic detection system. Indeed, the user will be able to use a x30 continuous optical zoom thanks to their full HD Visible Channel, in order to keep an eye on the threat and to recognize the smallest objects. The other option is an eyesafe Laser Range Finder, whose mission is to provide the user with accurate data regarding the distance and location of the threat, be it on land, at sea or in the air.

Individual Equipment / First Responder Protection

Bertin Instruments, Milipol Innovation Awards 2017 finalists
FusionSight - Compact monocular
Booth 6 R 089

Description: FusionSight® is the world- first compact monocular that combines a colour visible low light sensor with a thermal image sensor, to be used separately or in smart digital fusion.

Safe & Smart Cities

Air-Lynx, Milipol Innovation Awards 2017 finalists
Air-Lynx Manpack ALM 17000 - 4G LTE backpack radio network
Booth H 218

Description: In order to solve the communication problems of tactical and mission critical operations, the french company AIR-LYNX propose its ALM 17000 ManPack. This is the first 4G LTE backpack radio network of the market to be as compact, lightweight and fast to deploy. All that is required to operate the network is concentrated in a single box. In less than 2 mn, users are able to create a full private 4G LTE Network solution that provides high speed data connexions access to the voice, video and PTT, anywhere and anytime. Ideal for military, security, public safety and first responders networks.



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