3 questions to... Jacques ROUJANSKY

Jacques Roujansky is the Managing Director of the French trust and security industry group (CICS). The CICS is the private counterpart to public authorities within the industry security sector, and its purpose is to satisfy citizen and State security needs.
Jacques Roujansky will speak about the security industry.

Jacques Roujansky, CICS

What is the role of the CICS?

The French trust and security industry group CICS (Conseil des Industries de la Confiance et de la Sécurité) brings together all the players in the security industry in one professional association in order to weigh on the strategic choices of the security sector. This association was founded in 2013 by French federations and associations involved in the security field, and today includes 90% of the security industry ecosystem.

The industry represented by the CICS accounts for turnover of 21 billion euros and employs 125,000 highly skilled people. It has strong positions in export markets, and comprises both global leaders on key market segments and large numbers of innovative small and medium size enterprises. The industry provides equipment and platforms, digital and electronic systems, digital security solutions and added-value services.

The CICS represents the industry on the French government security industry committee (Comité de la Filière industrielle de Sécurité) which is chaired by the Prime Minister and identifies common interests in order to deploy a global ambition as well as coordinating actions pertaining to innovation, investments, legislation and regulations, standardisation, exports and European affairs.

What are the main challenges for the security industry?

The challenges are numerous:

  • Measure up to threats, especially terrorism and cyber threats, supported by the public policies needed to address them
  • Stay at the forefront of technological progress
  • Protect national or even European sovereignty of security solutions, particularly in identity and digital security
  • Safeguard the future development of the security industry and increase its export capacity.

The aim is for France to achieve sustainable leadership in the development and deployment of world-class security technologies. Government bodies have to move forward in several areas to support the industry, including innovation and export assistance, investment, industrial base sovereignty policy, public governance of security, and European cooperation. There is a need to invest in research and innovation programmes and to increase public and corporate investments in must-have technological solutions for areas including secure digital identity documents, trusted cybersecurity solutions, biometrics, critical infrastructure protection, safe cities and security management for large events.

We also believe that France needs to drive an ambitious European policy to develop leadership in fields that will impact our society and create thousands of jobs: IoT security, connected car security, secure robotics, blockchain applications, big data, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and digital sovereignty.

What is the outlook for 2018?

The sector has moved ahead a lot in four years. Private/public dialogue has allowed security issues to be taken into account more fully in investment programmes, to start technological and operational demonstrator projects, to launch a key European action on digital sovereignty and to determine critical security technologies.

The roadmap for 2018 is to continue to strengthen all these actions, including shaping a sectoral industrial policy, identifying market and technological disruptions, and promoting new European capabilities.

In addition, following the 2015 market study of the sector, an observatory will be created and managed by the CICS. We will go into action to ensure security for the Olympics and make it a world reference.

This sustained focus and the successes achieved so far encourage the CICS to be even more ambitious. We will continue to reinforce the security industry ecosystem, which is already benefitting from a good economic trend stimulated by cybersecurity challenges, and to support moves to improve the security and safety of citizens, enterprises and critical infrastructure. We will also continue to highlight French excellence, which is the result of outstanding, globally recognised industrial and operational know-how. 



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