The Milipol Paris 2021 conference programme is unveiled

The 2021 Conference Programme unveiled

Milipol Paris, in partnership with the Institut des Hautes Etudes du Ministère de l'Intérieur (IHEMI), unveils the 2021 conference programme, whose main theme is: « International Homeland Security Issues »

The 4-day conference programme will feature top international experts who will share their insights on international challenges regarding homeland security. Conferences will be conducted either in English or French (simultaneous translation) with different format, from keynote to panel debate and case study.

The 2021 programme will look into several major topics:


Tuesday 19 October

  • Opening Conference


Wednesday 20 October

  • Large events Security Management

Panel discussion 1 : Large event security: Lessons learnt, Biarritz G7 case study

Panel discussion 2 : Security and risks management : 2022 Qatar FIFA world cup and 2024 Paris Olympics games.


  • Fight against Terrorism: What role for private providers at an international scale?

Panel discussion 1 : Fight against financing of terrorism : public/ private synergy and international cooperationPanel discussion 2 : The social networks as a medium of terrorism propaganda and as a tool for radicalization? what is the role of the internet ecosystem ?


Thursday 21 October

  • National and European Digital Sovereignty: For a safer and more resilent society 


Friday 22 October

  • Climate Change and security governance : interactions between local and global

Panel discussion 1 : Major risks identification due to climate change and their impacts on Homeland security

Panel discussion 2 : Focus on migrations of populations linked to climate change and States coordination prospectives

The detailed programme and speakers is updated on a regular basis from September 2021.


Milipol Paris is organized under the patronage of the French Ministry of Interior.

French Ministry of Interior