Safe Cities by the GICAT

3 questions to... Philippe GENDREAU

Philippe Gendreau is the Deputy Managing Director for Security of GICAT, a professional group which covers a wide range of industrial, research, service and consulting activities for military and civil organizations, of national or international scope, involved in land and/or air-land security and/or defense. He will speak about Safe/Smart Cities.

Philippe Gendreau, GICAT

What is the road map of the Gicat regarding the Safe Cities ? and on the whole what is the road map of the security industry sector through the CoFis (security industry committee)?

The aim of the GICAT and of the CoFis is to allow the development of the security industry sector which is growing strongly, creates jobs and succeeds in exporting. The French industrial offer is one of the best in the world. This is well-known by the purchasers in France and abroad. Regarding the safe cities, the market is very fragmented. Each city in the world is an independent buyer with its own needs and specific realities. The approach must be different from the one used to access the global state markets.

Why did you choose this approach to classified the safe cities (by categories: detection, analysis, decision, action and support)?

This approach has the huge advantage to split up a very complex issue in a serie of simple choices. It also allows to present the industrial offer in a coherent way putting forward the strengths of each company. Finally, it shows that the French offer is complete because all the market sectors are covered.

What the major security challenge(s) for the smart cities ?  

I participated in a meeting in Africa several months ago, all the African attendees explained that smart cities was a concept for the « rich countries» whereas safe cities was a global need. It is a truth that we forget sometimes, especially in our countries : Security is a primary need. If there is not the right security level, the attractively and the economic development of the city is low. Security is the shared foundation of the smart cities. Without security, the smart city is at best fragile, at worst impossible to put in place. 


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