Patrice Pépin

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Director of the Municipal Police and commercial affairs, Roanne.

Patrice Pépin

Patrice Pepin is Director of the Municipal Police and commercial affairs of the city of Roanne (42). He is in charge of the urban protection centre and develops videoprotection and management tools of the command room.

Former deputy director of the Municipal Police of Saint-Etienne (42), in charge of operational coordination, he contributed to the development of video surveillance and the control room of the city of Saint-Etienne, for the ‘Euro 2016’.

He also coordinated, with institutional partners, the protection of UEFA's rights at Euro 2016.

Member of the ANCTS, he occasionally speaks on behalf of the association or municipalities of administrative residence on topics related to videoprotection or crisis management, particularly on the development of connected applications for a simplified approach to operational management on a command room.


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