Luc Manigot

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Chief Operating Officer at Sinequa.

Luc Manigot

Before joining the Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence space in 1997 as a DGA (French Army) intern, Luc conducted three years of research in Combinatorics and Graph Theory at the EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris). 

By joining Sinequa, Luc collaborated in the development and production of the very first version of Sinequa Search Engine, which has become today one of the leading platforms on the market of Cognitive Search and Analytics. Luc also serviced as Scientific Director before becoming VP Global Operations in 2009. He founded the Sinequa Center of Excellence, from where he oversees today various activities like the Sinequa University platform, a special unit of Subject Matter Experts, the Customer Support and Training departments.

Luc is also the Sinequa representative of the Data Intelligence Cluster of the GICAT.
Luc holds a Master of Theoretical Mathematics and Master II of Theoretical Computer Science from Paris VI University.


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