Jean-Marc Cesari

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Deputy Director operational anticipation (SDAO), DGGN (Directorate-General of the French National Gendarmerie).

Jean-Marc Cesari

General Officer in the Gendarmerie Nationale with experience and professional skills in the fields of law and order, public security, judicial police and intelligence, acquired in particular in:

  • Follow-up as trainee or auditor of several high-level military or civilian formations,
  • The command of three operational units of the mobile gendarmerie and the departmental gendarmerie, with a staff ranging from one hundred to nearly a thousand people,
  • The exercise of responsibilities in central administration, aiming at the conception of the principles of organization and employment of the gendarmerie, in particular in the field of judicial police, in a partnership and interdepartmental framework,
  • The performance of a deputy function aimed at promoting police-gendarmerie operational complementarity within the territorial intelligence service,
  • The coordination and coordination of the intelligence mission within the Directorate-General of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN), in liaison with the partner services, in the exercise of the post of Deputy Director of operational anticipation.

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