Frank Smith

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Advisory Observer at Secure Identity Alliance and ex-Border Police in the UK.

Frank Smith

Frank Smith has worked in law enforcement and technology, including 37 years with the UK Home Office. This has included biometrics, mobiles and travel document security; and work on front-line border control for UK Border Force, in France. He has considerable international experience, representing the UK on the management board of eu-LISA, has managed new legislation, and has been Private Secretary to the UK Minister for Immigration.

Frank Chairs was lead author of ‘Strong Identity, Strong Borders’ for the Secure Identity Alliance (2017/18). He Chairs the EU working group on law enforcement use of mobiles (ENLETS Mobile) and has written on biometrics good practice. He has spoken at several international conferences and continues to focus on new technologies than can improve security and throughput at the border for all stakeholders.


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