Philippe Chabbouh

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French Firefighter Officer at SDMIS 69 SIS Département Rhône and Lyon Metropole.

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Starting off as a young firefighter in 1977 and on the field since 1984, he is now a professional firefighter officer at SDMIS 69 (departmental fire and assistance service), a crisis management column leader, and an operational management and commandment contributor at the National School of Fire Officers (ENSOSP).

He designs autonomous and remote control automated systems for the rescue teams and develops aerial and ground-based UAV reconnaissance, survey and intervention vehicles
(chemical and radiological sensors).

Philippe Chabbouh works on securing the interventions with various major partners by creating High-Tech devices for the use of the Civil Security and the different actors of sensitive ground and critical sites.

He is the inventor and designer of the drone defibrillator, the drone VALURG '(emergency bag, drugs and vaccines), the drone extinguisher.

He is elected from the CHSCT at SDMIS and a member of the NGO for relief and humanitarian missions around the world.

Since 2016, he runs a strategy for the development of robotic systems, content design in virtual and augmented reality, as well as risk and crisis management. 


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