Loïc Guezo

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Board member of European cluster of excellence (CLUSIF)

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Loïc Guézo is Director, CyberSecurity Strategy, for Proopoint.

With 25 years of experience, Loïc is a recognized expert in the field of Information Security and Risk Management.

Working with media and trade associations, including CLUSIF (French Club for the Security of Information Systems), CESIN (Club of Experts in Digital & Information Security), and ARCSI (Cryptography & Information System Security Veterans association), Loïc is a leading voice in the region, awarded as “TOP100 cyber influencers” in France for 2019.

On a more global scale, Loïc is member of the “France/Europe - Japan Initiative for Cyber” since 3 years and has been part of the Interpol support team since 2014. He is henceforth regularly surveyed by international media and global news agencies or speaking at global events (eg. Chairman of the track Cyber at MILIPOL Qatar in November 2018, speaker at “Cyber Tokyo Initiative” in December 2018).

In October 2018, he was invited to join the civilian reserve of the French National Police, as trusted advisor for cyber-threats.

Previously, Loïc Guézo has held various positions in the IT sector since 1988, notably at EDF (nuclear control system) Sagem (Study Engineer for NATO), within the French Development Agency (IT Manager) and at IBM France (CTO Security Services).

Loïc Guézo is a graduate of the University Paris XIII and has a Master’s Degree in « Open Source & Security » from Ecole Centrale Paris.


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