Testimony of the winners of the Milipol Innovation Awards 2021

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Winner "crisis management"

NuGBalls, the deployable sensor network to map radiological or chemical contaminated areas in real-time

Description: NuGBalls allow fast and remote monitoring and real-time mapping of hostile / access constrained environments. NuGBalls are tough autonomous sensors that can be deployed easily on the field using drones or manually. NuGBalls integrate wireless communications, geo-localization, radiological and chemical sensors. Individual NuGBalls send measurement updates regularly to trigger alerts in case of a threat – multiple NuGBalls form a wireless communication network, allowing remote characterization of large areas. The NuGBall system includes data management software to quickly localize and assess threats in real time, minimizing risks to emergency responders or military personnel in the field.

Testimony of Sébastien Pginon, responsible for the Development of Defense and National Security activities of Nuvia:

"NUVIA, awarded this year at the MILIPOL Awards in the "Crisis Management" category with its NuGBalls technology (deployable sensors that detect and measure the presence of chemical, nuclear or radiological contamination while reporting the information to the operator at a distance of one kilometer) is pleased with its second successful participation in the 2021 edition of the MILIPOL show. Interesting exchanges and relevant meetings with Defense and National Security principals that allow us to foresee new projects and new opportunities for collaboration, particularly thanks to the visibility provided by the Awards and the various innovative technologies that we had the pleasure of presenting at the show (the NuVISION Gamma Camera that identifies radiological contamination in motion, the NuFOAM aluminum foam that absorbs the impacts of an explosion or shock, the NuCoMo 100 surface contaminameter,...). "

Winner "cybersecurity"

COGNYTE, formerly a Verint company

Description: BLINK is the world’s first cryptocurrency de-anonymization solution. BLINK's unique algorithms associate illicit activities on the Blockchain with the real-life identities of the actors behind them. BLINK’s innovative approach combines blockchain analysis and open-source intelligence with additional sources and advanced techniques to unmask illicit cryptocurrency transaction makers. With BLINK, law enforcement and security agencies, financial investigators, and tax and customs authorities can link suspects to illicit crypto activity to detect, neutralize, and prevent diverse crimes, such as money laundering, drug trafficking, tax evasion, terror funding, and more.

Testimony of Miki Migdal, Chief Business Officer of Cognyte :

"Winning the Milipol Innovation Awards 2021 demonstrates Cognyte’s innovative approach to blockchain analytics and how it is revolutionizing cryptocurrency investigations. Cognyte’s solution was selected based on its technological innovation and contribution to the security and investigation industry.
Our analytics software helps security organizations solve complex security challenges through constant innovation. Cryptocurrencies are being increasingly used for illegal activities since they are often anonymous and borderless, making it difficult to determine who is behind such illicit transactions. Cognyte’s blockchain analytics software addresses these challenges and is designed to identify illicit transactions, links them to suspects, and generate actionable insights to successfully accelerate and complete financial investigations.
We are grateful to Milipol Paris for recognizing our breakthrough technology in making the world a safer place."

Winner "drone & anti-drone systems, robotics" 


Description : Loki Mk2 is the world’s first purpose built tactical sUAS. Designed and built in conjunction with several of the worlds top counter terror units, LOKI Mk2 is intended for close quarter, indoor and outdoor tactical scouting missions, and features a highly sensitive Night-Day + IR sensor camera giving it the ability to fly and see in complete darkness. It provides police officers and military personnel with immediate capabilities to detect, reduce and gather crucial intelligence of threats before entering complex terrain such as dense urban areas, confined spaces and underground passages.

Testimony of Thibault Aanderlin, Marketing & Communication Manager of SKY-HERO :

"As the person in charge of marketing development at Sky-Hero, it seemed essential to me to show the qualities of all our products, which have been acclaimed by the players in the field, at a renowned event that would bring together our customers and distributors as well as first-rate prospects. Milipol Paris 2021 has met all these requirements and more.  Indeed, Sky-Hero won the Milipol Innovation Award in the category "Drones and Robotics" for its tactical indoor reconnaissance drone, the Loki Mk2. This first trophy perpetuates the excellent reputation and credibility of this solution and rewards both the innovative approach of this Brussels-based scale-up and the ingenuity of its team of specialists. With this title and with the support of demonstrations in a realistic environment, Sky-Hero was able to seduce during a whole week a large international public with very particular interests and needs. Our presence at Milipol Paris and the prize we won bodes well for the future of Sky-Hero." 

Winner "individual equipment / first responder protection" 

Innovative ballistic protection

Description: Pangolin's engineers produced tailless spheroids using a traditional process and dedicated tools. By developing this flexible application, engineers from the company Pangolin Defense developed specific flexible ballistic composites made with high-grade ceramic tiles mosaics and high-quality ballistic fibers from the best suppliers to lower the weight and provide the best quality gears for all types of morphology (especially women) and provide comfort. This product strengths are: Flexibility: unrivalled comfort for wearers, especially women and ease of application for vehicle protection / Lightweight / Low-cost / Environmentally-friendly: use of glass instead of ceramics.

Testimony of Benjamin Delcourt, CEO & Founder of Pangolin :

"Pangolin Defense is a young startup formed in January 2020 by four associates whose ambition is to revolutionize the protection of the combatant. The engineers have patented several sovereign innovative ballistic protection solutions that allow to offer a protection combining at the same time: performance against assault rifle ammunition, structural flexibility, competitive lightness and modularity. Committed to the Forces as soon as possible, Pangolin now plans to protect the infantryman in his personal equipment and also aims to protect any type of vector (vehicles, aircraft, ships, drones, turrets).
Winning the 1st Milipol 2021 Prize in the "Individual Equipment" category has enabled the company to initiate numerous discussions with major groups, distributors and international institutional players. Accompanied by the COMEXPOSIUM team, we have benefited from the best conditions to boost our visibility and the acquisition of a high level clientele.
This trophy is a real catalyst for innovative companies, a market gas pedal and an extraordinary gain in credibility."

Winner "large events security management"

Orion 2

Description: The Orion 2 Tethered UAS meets the needs of aerial surveillance and persistent telecommunications for civilian (law enforcement, public safety...) or military (perimeter protection, tactical telecommunications...) applications. Capable of reaching an altitude of 100 meters, and equipped with a gyrostabilized day/night camera with X30 optical zoom, Orion can detect and track a person over kilometers. Its micro-tether supplies it with continuous power and guarantees secure high-speed data transfer. With its IP54 rating, Orion 2 includes multiple redundancies and emergency procedures allowing the operator to focus on his mission and the data received, while reducing the risk of human error.

Testimony of Guilhem de Marliave , CEO & Co-Founder of Elistair :

"Elistair is a European leader in UAVs for security and defense. We design wire-bound UAVs, capable of flying 24 hours and deployed by police and military forces for border surveillance missions, forward bases and major events. Milipol is for us a central event, because of its targeted audience and its international scope. We applied for the Milipol Innovation Award, to present our most advanced wired drone: Orion 2. Winning this award is a great recognition of the work done by the whole team, work that allows us today to rapidly develop Elistair for export, including on very competitive markets like North America."


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