Milipol Innovation Awards 2021 Finalists

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Milipol Paris 2021 organizes the second edition of the Milipol Innovation Awards, a free competition rewarding the most innovative Milipol Paris exhibitors in the security industry.

The jury reviewed nearly a hundred of entries received and shortlisted the top three projects in each of the 5 competition categories.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on Tuesday 19 October from 2.30pm next to the press room.

Discover below the Milipol Innovation Awards 2021 finalists!

Crisis management

Novo DR

Shadow System
Booth 5 N 064

DescriptionNOVO DR presents the new Shadow System, which is the lightest portable digital radiography system in the market. It includes the NOVO 12SF Detector that weighs only 1kg and images just 3mm from the bottom and side while providing unmatched image quality. It has 90mm steel penetration and is extremely thin at just 15mm and is very robust with a 100cm drop test and 200kg load proof. The Shadow is controlled by the Wireless Spark III Controller and it comes with an Android mobile phone. The entire system fits in a small day backpack and its operational weight is just 4kg.



NuGBalls, the deployable sensor network to map radiological or chemical contaminated areas in real-time
Booth 5 J 155


DescriptionNuGBalls allow fast and remote monitoring and real-time mapping of hostile / access constrained environments. NuGBalls are tough autonomous sensors that can be deployed easily on the field using drones or manually. NuGBalls integrate wireless communications, geo-localization, radiological and chemical sensors. Individual NuGBalls send measurement updates regularly to trigger alerts in case of a threat – multiple NuGBalls form a wireless communication network, allowing remote characterization of large areas. The NuGBall system includes data management software to quickly localize and assess threats in real time, minimizing risks to emergency responders or military personnel in the field.



PLD - Personal Location Device
Booth 5 H 167


DescriptionSYSNAV introduces next-gen Personal Location solutions for complex, GNSS-denied environments. Combined with cutting-edge algorithms, our multi-patented magneto-inertial technology assesses the first responders’ 3D position and offers live monitoring possibilities with no need to pre-deploy infrastructures. Derived from the company's experience within the French defense sector, our solution ensures a smooth tracking of operations by team leaders and commanding staff, improving both responders’ safety and operational efficiency. Come and meet us on our Stand 5 H 167 for a live demonstration, our system is ready-to-use!



Web Intelligence Solution
Booth 5 G 093
United States


DescriptionDeep analysis of geofences and threat actors, location history, and detailed data discovery. Access billions of data point to ensure maximum location-based data coverage and customize inputs to trigger automated real-time alerts for optimal responsiveness and gain insights using various analytic tools to discover hidden information within map visualization.



Booth 5 E 021

DescriptionBLINK is the world’s first cryptocurrency de-anonymization solution. BLINK's unique algorithms associate illicit activities on the Blockchain with the real-life identities of the actors behind them. BLINK’s innovative approach combines blockchain analysis and open-source intelligence with additional sources and advanced techniques to unmask illicit cryptocurrency transaction makers. With BLINK, law enforcement and security agencies, financial investigators, and tax and customs authorities can link suspects to illicit crypto activity to detect, neutralize, and prevent diverse crimes, such as money laundering, drug trafficking, tax evasion, terror funding, and more.


Whispeak Voice Biometrics
Booth 5 C 207


DescriptionI speak, therefore I am ! Let your users speak a few seconds to authenticate, simply, quickly and safely. Whispeak provides a voice biometrics solution to easily add a biometric factor to authentication processes. Tedious introductions on call centres are over, as are weakly secured logins, locked with a simple password, always the same, always forgotten : with voice biometrics, no need to choose between security and simplicity any more! Whispeak fits multiple use cases and is available through API on Saas, on premise, or even fully embedded and offline. Respectful by design of regulatory recommendation on biometrics data handling.


Drone & anti-drone systems, robotics


Booth 5 M 133


DescriptionThe aunav.NEO is the latest development of aunav, an international benchmark in the development of robotic solutions in defense and security. It is an explosives deactivation robot that stands out for being the only one on the market equipped with a variable geometry system. This technology allows the robot to adjust its width during a mission to suit any environment at any time and in any situation. The aunav.NEO is a ROV (Remoted Operated Vehicle) that combines explosive disposal capabilities (EOD / IEDD), HazMat CBRN(e) handling, logistics (mule), medical support (MEDEVAC) and reconnaissance (Recce).


Sky Hero
Booth 5 S 164


Description: Loki Mk2 is the world’s first purpose built tactical sUAS. Designed and built in conjunction with several of the worlds top counter terror units, LOKI Mk2 is intended for close quarter, indoor and outdoor tactical scouting missions, and features a highly sensitive Night-Day + IR sensor camera giving it the ability to fly and see in complete darkness. It provides police officers and military personnel with immediate capabilities to detect, reduce and gather crucial intelligence of threats before entering complex terrain such as dense urban areas, confined spaces and underground passages.


XTEND, Human-Guided Autonomous Systems
Booth 5 C 029


DescriptionXTEND is a provider of human-guided drone systems designed to transform every novice user into an elite drone operator at zero learning time. Founded in 2018, XTEND’s revolutionary human-guided autonomous systems allow any operator, with no flight experience, to perform extremely accurate maneuvers and actions, in any scenario (indoors and outdoors). Using a wearable light system, and a single hand, natural hand gesture-based controller, operators can perform complex tasks without any physical risk.


Individual Equipment / first responder protection

Alfredo Grassi SPA
Booth 5 D 038

DescriptionBallistic Protective Underwear designed to protect the user from gunshot and knife strikes. The breakthrough design permits the vest to be worn and concealed under the other clothing in skin contact, becoming completely invisible. Furthermore, the innovative materials and fabrics give comfortable feeling allowing the user movement freedom in any position.

Innovative ballistic protection
Booth 5 D 196


DescriptionPangolin's engineers produced tailless spheroids using a traditional process and dedicated tools. By developing this flexible application, engineers from the company Pangolin Defense developed specific flexible ballistic composites made with high-grade ceramic tiles mosaics and high-quality ballistic fibers from the best suppliers to lower the weight and provide the best quality gears for all types of morphology (especially women) and provide comfort. This product strengths are: Flexibility: unrivalled comfort for wearers, especially women and ease of application for vehicle protection / Lightweight / Low-cost / Environmentally-friendly: use of glass instead of ceramics.




High performance intervention gloves OPSB+
Booth 5 N 072


DescriptionMade of technical textiles with the best performance on the market (Level 4X42FP of the EN388 standard), the OPSB+ glove clearly stands out from existing intervention gloves. *** Ergonomic, touch screen compatible, impact resistant *** Close to the hand, it provides the worker with much sought after sensitivity while providing maximum protection against cuts and shocks. Thanks to a combination of different technologies, the protection and comfort are more than optimized and make it THE universal intervention glove par excellence.


Large events Security Management

All Virtual

CTAM (Commandement Tactique Augmenté Mobile)
Booth 5 D 194


DescriptionThe CTAM (Mobile Augmented Tactical Command) is a remote collaborative system which offers an overview of an intervention area. It combines in a single space, several tools and features to make strategic decisions. This simulator helps to gather all the participants in real time, around the same raised-relief map. The different components of the intervention (sniper, special forces, civilians, vehicles…) can be added and placed on the map to study various tactics. To improve the understanding of each operation, an integrated set of documents (plans, file of the assailants,…) is available. This operational tactics simulator allows a collective performance, before, during and after the operation.

Orion 2
Booth 5 F 143


DescriptionThe Orion 2 Tethered UAS meets the needs of aerial surveillance and persistent telecommunications for civilian (law enforcement, public safety...) or military (perimeter protection, tactical telecommunications...) applications. Capable of reaching an altitude of 100 meters, and equipped with a gyrostabilized day/night camera with X30 optical zoom, Orion can detect and track a person over kilometers. Its micro-tether supplies it with continuous power and guarantees secure high-speed data transfer. With its IP54 rating, Orion 2 includes multiple redundancies and emergency procedures allowing the operator to focus on his mission and the data received, while reducing the risk of human error.



Secure One International BV
Booth 5 R 156


DescriptionUVIScan® Gamma is a new, revolutionary technology to detect radioactive objects, both inside and under the vehicle. The technology combines the traditional UVIScan Under Vehicle Inspection scanning with a Radiation Scan. When a car is passing the scanner, carrying radioactive material, the system will generate an alarm. The detection of the radioactive material will be clearly displayed on the user interface. The system will even provide an approximate location of the source.



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