Armand Nachef

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Coordinator of the National Contact Point for Security – France for the Horizon 2020 Programme
Armand Nachef picture, Milipol Paris 2017 Conference Speaker

Armand Nachef obtained a PhD in computer science and applied mathematics from IMAG-Grenoble in 1988. He also graduated from the Trium Global Executive MBA in 2009.

Dr. Nachef began his career as an Associate Professor at the Institute of Applied Mathematics of Angers, in 1986. He became four years later, modeling engineer at Bull. In 1994 he was appointed head of research and development project in the same company.

In 2001, Dr. Nachef joined Schlumberger as Product Manager to develop the software offer for the mobile communication unit.

Three years later, he was appointed as product marketing and strategy manager at Gemalto, in charge of the Pay-TV offer, the security solutions for wireless networks, and the Internet SIM card authentication solutions.

In 2010, he became a consultant for Morpho in the e-document unit before joining the same year, CEA, as a program and industrial affairs manager.

Three years later, he was appointed at CEA, European Affairs Manager for ICT, nanotechnology, space, transport and security.

Dr. Nachef is also the coordinator of the national contact point consortium for Horizon 2020 Secure Societies since December 2014.


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