Conference programme Milipol Paris

Conference programme

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Milipol Paris free conference programme, featuring international experts, were organised into several key themes for the safety and homeland security sector, with a central topic "International Homeland Security Issues". The 2023 programme will be live in April 2023.

All Milipol Paris participants can attend the conference programme for free. In 2021, several topics were in the spotlight.

Opening Ceremony

  • International Homeland security issues - Research and prospectives
    • Étienne HUYGHE, PhD
  • Time of Peace
    • Sophie HATT, Directrice de la coopération internationale de sécurité du ministère français de l'Intérieur, France
    • Contrôleur général Joseph DOUMBIA, Directeur de la police judiciaire, Mali
    • Almudena TUDANCA DE FRANCISCO, sous-directrice de la coopération internationale au Secrétariat d'État espagnol de la sécurité, Spain
  • Time of Crisis
    • Préfet Stéphane BOUILLON, Secrétaire général de la défense et de la sécurité nationale
    • Ambassadeur Stéphane ROMATET, Directeur du Centre de crise et de soutien du Quai d'Orsay
    • Général Thierry MARCHAND, Directeur de la coopération de sécurité et de défense
  • Europe
    • Caroline VINOT, Secrétaire générale adjointe des affaires européennes
    • Préfet Jean MAFART, Directeur des affaires européennes et internationales du ministère français de l'Intérieur
    • Gilles DE KERCHOVE, en sa qualité de Coordonnateur européen pour la lutte contre le terrorisme de 2007 à 2021

Large Events Security Management

  • Large events security: lessons learnt "Biarritz G7 case study"
  • Security Management and risk-reduction of two leading sporting events: 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup and 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Fight against terrorism: what is the role for private providers at an international scale?

  • Fight against terrorism financing: public / private synergy and international cooperation
  • Are the social networks a medium for terrorism propaganda and a tool of radicalization? What is the role of the Internet ecosystem?

Cycle Jeudi de la sécurité: National and European Sovereignty

  • Official opening session: Keynote VIP by Mykhailo ALBERTOVYCH FEDOROV, First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of sigital transformation, Ukraine
  • European Commission introduction by Margaritis SCHINAS, Vice-President for promoting our European way of life
  • European digital sovereignty; international challenges for States and actions in the Horizon 2030
  • Powerful ecosystems and networks for better protected States and citizens
  • Europe, a land of talent and a future cybersecurity powerhouse
  • Keynote VIP by Kyriakos PIERRAKÁKIS, Minister of state and digital governance, Greece
  • Data, innovation and ethics: the winning strategy for European values in digital and cybersecurity
  • Strategic disruptive technological issues for a European sovereignty
  • Paris Call
  • Keynote VIP by Mark Boris ANDRIJANIC, Minister of digital transformation, Slovenia

Impacts of climate change and crises on homeland security: interactions between local and global

  • Major risks identification due to climate change and their impacts on Homeland security
  • Focus on migrations of populations linked to climate change and States coordination prospectives