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Atola Insight Forensic

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    Atola Europe

    Atola Technology Inc., founded in 2003, is already well known in forensic departments, investigative and government agencies around the globe. Atola is led by its founder, CEO Dmitry Postrigan and offers outstanding and unique products for the forensic industry. The office in Vienna is responsible for sales in Europe and other areas.

    Atola TaskForce is THE high-speed evidence acquisition tool for 12+ simultaneous imaging sessions, for up to 15 TB/hour cumulative speed of imaging, capable of working with both good and damaged media, imaging to up to 5 targets. 18 ports for SAS, SATA, USB and IDE drives and for other storage devices via Thunderbolt, Apple PCIe, and M.2 SSD extension modules and also 2 x 10Gb Ethernet ports for high speed forensic imaging to E01 and RAW files. Atola can be automated via Web API and is equipped with a RAID autodetection module allowing it to reassemble and image RAID arrays with unknown configurations.

    The Atola TaskForce can be operated by multiple users from any number of devices within the same local network. Each port can be switched to source (automatically write protected) or target mode. Its Web API enables automation of forensic acquisition and start of artifact analysis by forensic software.

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