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Crowd & Riot Control Equipment


Crowd & Riot Control Equipment

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MK TECHNOLOGY GMBH - Bullet-resistant and shrapnel-resistant clothing and body armour


MK Technology GmbH | The Original 
MK Technology pioneers superior Crowd & Riot Control Equipment based on the Human-Exoskeleton-Technology (eXton®).
Our Philosophy: Uncompromising Protection. 
MK Technology has been working closely with customers across multiple law enforcement units, governmental bodies and defense forces for 26 years worldwide. We have a unique understanding of the challenges you face.  
Product range:
- eXton® Human Exoskeleton Concepts
-Targetgroup-Profiles for Law Enforcement & Military
- Scalable Protection: Impact & Stab, Ballistic, CombiThreat, MultiThreat packages
- Modular Design of Torso-Platforms: CRC, Low Profile, Tactical, Load-Carriage
- Protection of Shoulder-Girdle & Upper Extremities
- Protection of Pelvic-Girdle & Lower Extremities
- Special-purpose solutions: (e.g. Horse rider equipment)
- Innovative Clothing Concepts 

Our Core Competence:
Providing the most reliable body protection solution to enable you to meet those challenges head-on. We develop, manufacture in Germany (10 years warranty) and distribute innovative and groundbreaking solutions:
- by holistic concept thinking: modularity, scalability, adaptability
- by using latest findings in impact, stab and ballistic protection
- by processing only high-quality materials
- by applying state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

We build your products from ground up, enabling us to maintain exceptional quality control.


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