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VON ROLL - Windows, armour and vehicle protection accessories

27, faubourg de Belfort
BP 49

90101 DELLE



Von Roll uses its year’s long expertise in the manufacture of thermoset and thermoplastic composites to provide standard and customized solutions for personal, land, air and naval protection through its wide ballistic product range PARA-LITE®. Von Roll understands the need for an armor to meet a customer’s criteria and offers solutions according to known standards such as NIJ 0108.01 (NIJ IIIA, NIJ III), EN1522 (FB4, FB4+ to FB7) and STANAG 4569 (1,2,3). Our product portfolio comprises prepregs, flexible/rigid sheets, machined parts, tubes, engineered panels, and material combinations with ceramics and/or hybrid reinforcements for higher threat levels.

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