Peter Van Blyenburgh

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President of UVS International.

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Peter Van Blyenburgh is President of UVS International in the Netherlands, and CEO of Blyenburgh & Co in France ( &

He is involved with remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) since 1987. He founded Euro UVS (1997) & UVS International (2000) – An internationally operating non-profit association dedicated to promoting RPAS and representing over 5000 companies in 35 countries.

He has participated in ALL RPAS-related regulatory activities initiated by ICAO, European Commission, EASA and SESAR JU.

He creator of the “Global Access Initiative” and the International RPAS Coordination Council, which federates the 32 national RPAS associations in 29 countries, and instigator of 14 national RPAS associations.

He is editor & publisher of the annual reference publication: “RPAS: The Global Perspective”.

He organizes 2 annual RPAS conferences ( &


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