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Milipol Paris 2019, the leading event for homeland security and safety, is pleased to provide visitors and exhibitors with a free mobile app in order to facilitate their organization and visit of the event.

Milipol Paris 2019 Mobile app

The mobile app will give you access to the list of all participants in order to encourage networking, as well as a large range of information at any time:

  • The Exhibitor list with contact details and location for each company.
  • The agenda to consult the events organized during Milipol Paris (conferences, Milipol Innovation Awards, exhibitor seminars, demonstrations, etc.) and the speakers.
  • The interactive floor plan (2D/3D) with the possibility to display an itinerary from/to a stand.
  • The networking module to browse the list of all attendees using the app and to interact with them
  • The useful information and on-site services (catering, transportation, etc.).
  • The Exhibition's news and media, including our Twitter feed @Milipol_Paris.

Download the Milipol Paris 2019 mobile app by clicking on the iOS or Android button.



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The networking module

To access the networking module, you will need to log in the app. Click on the "Profile" icon on the top right corner and log in with the email address and the password you used to register to Milipol Paris (if you didn't create an account once registering, click on "create an account"). Then fill in your profile: picture, role, country, sectors of activity, interests, contact details, social media...

The networking module is now accessible via the "Networking" icon in the bottom to get the list of attendees (it may require to close and launch again the app). The app will suggest relevant contacts based on your profile. It is also possible to filter the list of participants by countries, activity sectors, interests, etc.

You will be able to contact people through a connection request or a one-to-one chat.

Milipol Paris 2019 interactive floor plan

The event floor plan will be available by the end of September. Discover its features:

  • Discover exhibitor location and click on a stand or on a company name to get more information.
  • Display the floor plan in 2D or 3D.
  • Locate the services available in the hall by displaying the points of interest ("location" button).
  • Define your itinerary by selecting your starting point and your destination.

Milipol Paris is organized under the patronage of the French Ministry of Interior.

French Ministry of Interior