Milipol Innovation Awards 2019

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Milipol Paris organized in 2019 the second edition of the Milipol Innovation Awards, a competition reserved for all the companies exhibiting at the 2019 event. This competition aimed to reward the most innovative companies in terms of products, materials, services, solutions or business models related to the homeland security industry.

Winners Milipol Innovation Awards 2019

The awards ceremony has been held on Tuesday 19th November during Milipol Paris 2019 for the following categories:

  • Cybersecurity (fight against cyberthreats and cybercriminality solutions)
  • Safe and smart cities (Transportations & connected car security & safety, smart lightening, videosurveillance, monitoring…)
  • Individual Equipment / first responder protection (materials, textiles, fabrics & accessories)
  • Drone & anti-drone systems, robotics
  • Crisis Management (emergency population warning systems, crisis management, command & control)


2019 winners

Discover the 2019 Finalists

Crisis management

Block Engineering, Milipol Innovation Awards 2019 finalist

LaserWarn PLUS
Booth 5 D 068

DescriptionThe new LaserWarn is the only eye-safe, laser-based standoff detection product that can detect and identify multiple threats at a distance. One of the biggest drawbacks of CBRNE detection is that most technologies require a person in a suit with a handheld device approaching the possible threat. The LaserWarn product line can detect these threats in real time up to 300m away without putting personnel in danger. Advanced artificial intelligence permits simultaneous detection of most CWAs & toxic industrial chemicals today, and explosives detection in the near future. The new user interface provides red/green simplicity & sophisticated functionality. It can be deployed to protect large areas up to 90,000 sq.m or 300m of fenceline. It enhances security at government buildings, military bases, airports, metro stations, embassies, and sports stadiums. We are also seeing rapid growth in environmental safety for chemical plants, oil & gas refineries and pipelines, and fuel storage depots. The LaserWarn PLUS via US Government programs has been demonstrated to detect residual fingerprints and other traces on vehicles at standoff distances from up to 30 meters.



FortifyIQ, Milipol Innovation Awards 2019 finalist
FortifyIQ - A pre-silicon hardware design evaluation and protection software suite to fortify secure chips against power-consumption-based side-channel attacks
Booth 4 S 015

DescriptionFortifyIQ - A pre-silicon hardware design evaluation and protection software suite to fortify secure chips against power consumption- based side-channel attacks. Side-channel attack on the microchip’s secure element can disable the lights in the whole city, turn off or accelerate trains, or disrupt any of its critical infrastructure. This threat vector is relatively new and more dangerous, as the attacks increasingly target the hardware layer, as opposed to the better-protected software and network layers. These side-channel attacks include Differential Power Analysis (DPA), Simple Power Analysis (SPA), Electromagnetic Emissions (EME), and Fault Injection (FI). FortifyIQ offers a pre-silicon hardware design evaluation and protection software suite and side-channel attack-resistant IP Cores. We advance maximum security against side-channel attacks at design stage, making protection less expensive, and, therefore, easier to build. According to Professor Adi Shamir, PhD., The ‘S’ in RSA and the Turing Prize Winner, “FortifyIQ’s solution has the potential of dramatically reducing the cost and delay associated with the manufacturing of DPA- protected devices...” Dr. Shamir ascertains that “This is an innovative solution to a really important problem, produced by a first-rate team of developers.”


Drone & Anti-drone Systems, Robotics

CopterPIX, Milipol Innovation Awards 2019 finalist
Autonomous patrolling system based on micro-drone below 250 grams
Booth 5 B 028

DescriptionAPS250 – Advanced innovative autonomous patrolling system based on micro-drones (249 gr) and a portable docking station (< 25 kg): • 24/7 platform designed to secure sites up to 5 km perimeter • No regulation required for micro-drones below 250 gr • Full redundancy, 2 drones per unit • Multi-sites and multi-drones operations • Secured 256 AES WIFI / LTE4 communication • Cloud based command and control system that supports any portable device (Apple OS, Android, Microsoft Windows) • Powered by CopterPIX CPX SDK, full integration with any 3rd party vendor #ERE25 micro-drone has outstanding performance 72 kmph \ 45 mph, flight time up to 30 minutes, 30 minutes fast charging, dual camera (FHD zoom X7 and thermal sensor). Advanced AI and image processing enabling precise landing and object detection. Image processing navigation in case of GPS jamming. Outdoor IP55. # APS250 portable outdoor docking station IP56. Outstanding dimensions of 50cmX50cmX50cm (20inchX20inch20Xinch). # Renewal energy charging: solar/wind.


Individual Equipment / First Responder Protection

Ouvry, Milipol Innovation Awards 2019 finalist
Extraction bag for CBRN contaminated victims
Booth 5 D 144

DescriptionIn case of a chemical contamination (on the national territory of for deployed forces) involving contaminated victims in life threatening emergency, it is sometimes necessary to extract them to a hospital. The question to be solved is how to carry easily a contaminated victim without contaminating the vehicle used nor the medical staff. There is no appropriate product on the market easy to be deployed without any maintenance. The CBRN extraction bag has been specially designed for the transport of CBRN contaminated casualties, or anyone potentially contaminated, directly from the field to the hospital or first medical point, while allowing the realization of emergency medical procedures during the transport. It ensures containment of liquid and vapor contaminants, to avoid contamination of medical team, transport personnel, vehicle or aircraft used to extract the victim. The extraction bag also ensures self-decontamination of the victim inside the bag thanks to two technologies which reduces liquid and vapor contamination level inside the bag. Main relevant features and advantages of the product are: fast and easy deployment, small footprint, no maintenance, no consumables, contamination containment, ensures self-decontamination of the victim, enables emergency medical care during the transport (access to victim’s respiratory tract, emergency access to the victim for stabilization, perfusion cable pathways, clear window to monitor the victim’s progress…), lightweight, decontaminable, compatible with all types of vehicles, stretcher and compatible with scanner.


Safe & Smart Cities

Two-I, Milipol Innovation Awards 2019 finalist
Two-i VCA
Booth 4 H 071

Description : Two-i VCA is a comprehensive solution to analyse your videos whether it is to enhance security or enable proactive and focused business decisions by collecting metadata or measuring well-being. Our solution processes, analyses and displays real-time alerts and in-depth analytics such as crowd gatherings, which can help to ensure security and prevent negative behaviour from occurring and spreading. The key features are custom LIVE alerts and STATS connected to the MAP, which displays the results immediately. An aggregated cartographic view ensures an easy, quick and efficient way of studying data, noticing the important changes and cutting-down reaction time.


Throwback on 2017 winners and finalists.

Why participate

The competition gives you the opportunity to promote your new product or solutions towards all the professionals attending Milipol Paris. As a finalist, you will benefit from a pitch on the innovation stage to present your innovation, a mention on all our communication tools and a sticker on your stand onsite to identify you as a Milipol Innovation Awards finalist.

« Winning the 1st prize [...] generates several benefits, including the opening of discussions with major groups of the CAC40, the overhaul of the model and the business contacts with distributors while consolidating the links between the factory and its representatives... »
Christophe LEMÉE, Chairman of ITCOZEN, winner in the "Crisis management" category. See the interview >


The jury is composed of international experts in their field.


Emily Hough picture


Crisis Response Journal
Editor in chief


Tim Cutbill picture

Protect and Prepare Ltd



Frédérick Douzet picture


Frédérick DOUZET
French Institute of Geopolitics
Professor, Chairwoman of the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy


Loïc Guezo picture


European cluster of excellence (CLUSIF)
Board member of CLUSIF


Eric Freyssinet portrait

National Gendarmerie (DGGN)
Chief Digital Strategy Officer



Uwe Meinberg picture

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe MEINBERG
Brandenburg University of Technology
Head of Chair and Head of Board (CURPAS e.V)


Philippe Chabbouh picture

SDMIS 69 SIS Département Rhône and Lyon Metropole
French Firefighter Officer


Mariane Renaux picture


Mariane RENAUX
Professional Federation of Civil Drone



Olivier Brun picture

Olivier BRUN
SAILMI - French Ministry of Interior
Deputy Director of innovation and Advisory


Nick Butler picture


Technical Textile International



Anthony Leather picture


Westlands Advisory


Pascal Hoguet picture


Head of Connected Territories


Jean-Christophe Chwat picture


Jean-Christophe CHWAT
GPMSE Federation



1st July 2019
Launch of the competition

4 October 2019
Deadline for entry deposit (Midnight, French time GMT+1)

21 October 2019
Deadline reviewing and evaluation by jury

28 October 2019
Announcement of finalists

19 November 2019
Announcement of winners and Awards Ceremony during the event



  • Free competition only open to exhibiting companies (which are not part of the jury members) of Milipol Paris 2019.
  • To agree with the competition rules.
  • To complete the entries in English on the Exhibitor Area by 27 September 2019 at midnight (French time, GMT+1).
  • Competitors may submit one or more entries, and a same entry can be submitted in two different categories max.
  • Any technology, product, etc. submitted must:
    • Have been released or officially announced between 24 November 2017 and 18 November 2019.
    • At least, be prototypes which can be presented to the judges if requested.

The evaluation of entries and the selection of the finalists will be done thanks to the innovative nature of the technology, product, etc. proposed by the competitor (10 points), the opportunity for the market (8 points) and the relevance of the arguments (2 points).


Milipol Paris is organized under the patronage of the French Ministry of Interior.

French Ministry of Interior