Why visit Milipol Paris?

Who exhibits at Milipol Paris?

Companies and organisations from all around the world which manufacture / distribute products or provide services in order to: 


Prevent and protect

  • Against terrorist attacks
  • Against technological, bio-chemical and nuclear threats
  • Against natural disasters

Ensure security / surveillance

  • Of people and institutions
  • Of infrastructures and sensitive sites
  • Of road and rail networks, ports and airports
Police scientifique


  • Individuals
  • Criminal and terrorist communication networks
  • External threats
  • Money laundering

Fight against

  • Organised crime
  • Financial and cyber-crime
  • Weapons, explosives, sensitive materials, drugs and counterfeit money trafficking
  • Counterfeit and art theft
Commission européenne


  • European and worldwide cooperation
  • Secure identification systems
Maintien de l'ordre

Manage and control

  • Public order
  • Migration flows and human trafficking
  • Jailed people