Milipol Paris

From 1970 to 2011, international economies and security have been evolving very rapidly. The creation of Milipol replied to a growing demand for information and matchmaking in the field of internal security, before developing into the areas of civil defence and major risks. 

The context

At the end of the 70s, various French manufacturers supplying police equipment were worried that they had limited commercial contacts at an international level. Contrary to the Aeronautics and Defence sectors, the Interior Security sector did not have a promotion and communications platform that matched its importance in France. As a result, the idea of organising a specific international exhibition took hold. EXPOL (EXposition POLice), the first private initiative, showed the way.

Milipol Paris 80


In 1984, the International Milipol Committee came into existence as an association whose goal was the promotion of security technology and equipment.

That same year, the first international Milipol Show was organised in Paris as the principal information and public-relations tool, open widely to professionals in the field of security, including manufacturers, end-users, buyers and exhibitors of all nationalities. The quasi-confidential field of police, civil and military security equipment, virtually unknown to the general public until that time, was thus brought to light.

From State security to civil protection


While the subsiding cold war still held centre stage, security services were already at work in the wings, fighting against such growing menaces as criminality, drugs, organised crime, terrorism, industrial and economic espionage. They expressed their latest requirements and needs for equipment, while investigating all the technologies available.

The Milipol Show evolved within this climate of expectation and demand. It broadened out to include the field of security which encompasses private and public communities, that of industry and business, the protection of populations, and internal State security.

Held annually during the 80s, the Milipol Paris Show found its current rythm as of 1991, the year in which the biennial scheduling was adopted.
In 1995, it acquired new dimensions of considerable importance.

As it was now held under the patronage of the French Ministry of the Interior, the Milipol Paris Show became an official event, along the same lines as the international Eurosatory exhibitions for land armament, Euronaval for naval equipment and the Paris-Le Bourget Aeronautics-Aerospace Exibition.

An International fair dedicated to the major risks

Major Risks

Today, the international Milipol Trade Show is recognised for as a result of its professionalism and the quality of its exhibitors and visitors attending from around the world, all from the various security sectors.
 In 2009, Milipol created an area dedicated to Major Risks to provide comprehensive solutions and specific natural disasters, health, industrial and terrorist risks.

The Milipol Economic Interest Group

Milipol brand owned by a consortium COFREXPORT, PROTECOP, THALES, VISIOM & CIVI.POL Council, a consulting company and service of the French Ministry of Interior.